Smart-Tinting Glass

For windows so smart
know when
to be
clear or perfectly tinted.

Windows that Know the
Weather (and Whether or
Not to Tint)

Halio windows tint when the
sun gets too hot or too bright.
Or simply because you say so.
Now you can precisely control the
natural light coming into a room.


Create Your Sanctuary

Tint one window or an entire bank of windows to the perfect shade of cool gray – for light and temperature control or a little privacy.  Halio makes it easy for you to create comfortable spaces while preserving your views. Block heat, reduce glare, and let in just the right amount of light.



Your Window to Health, Wellness, & Sustainability

Enjoy all the goodness that natural light brings while keeping out excessive heat, lowering HVAC costs, and protecting artwork and furnishings from sun damage. Halio is the new standard for green, healthy, and responsive building design.

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See Halio in Action

North America

Facade Tectonics
  • 10 October, 2019
  • Houston


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Europe & Middle East

ZAK World of Facades
  • 18 September, 2019
  • Berlin


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Japan Build
  • 25-27 September, 2019
  • Osaka


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