Natural light is essential to our emotional and physical wellness. It provides an array of benefits, from productivity to better sleep. At Halio™, our goal is to give people the ability to let the maximum amount of natural light into their work and living spaces while blocking unwanted heat, reducing glare, and protecting their valued possessions from sun damage.

A complete natural light management system, Halio smart-tinting glass is responsive and intelligent –  a beautiful architectural element that tints automatically or on command to give people unprecedented comfort and control of their indoor environments and a greater connection to the outdoors, all the while meeting energy efficiency goals.

AGC Asahi Glass shares Kinestral Technologies’ vision for Halio: become the foundation for smart buildings and homes by maximizing natural light to improve occupant health and well-being while dramatically boosting energy efficiency. The two partnered to form three joint venture companies: Halio North America, Halio International, and Halio China. Halio China includes G-Tech Optoelectronics, a Foxconn subsidiary.

Halio North America, Halio International, and Halio China are the exclusive sales and marketing agents for Halio smart tinting glass, services, and maintenance.