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What size smart-tinting glass panels are available?

We provide standard sized panels up to 5’ x 10’ (1.5 x 3 meters). We work closely with our customers to meet other size requirements.

How does Halio compare to other dynamic or electrochromic glass solutions?

When comparing Halio to other dynamic or electrochromic glass solutions, look for color and clarity. Halio is indistinguishable from conventional glass in its clear state until it tints to neutral, cool grays – with the darkest shade resembling the evening sky. Ask about tinting speed. Halio begins tinting within 15 seconds to provide shade and glare relief, achieving its maximum tint within 3 minutes. Also look for uniform tintingand clearing. Halio tints and clears evenly, giving you an unlimited number of tint level options.

Why does tinting speed matter?

It matters because a wonderfully bright room can quickly become uncomfortably hot and blinding with glare as the earth moves on its axis or as weather changes. Anything longer than 3 minutes can seem interminably long when the sun is beating down on you – whether you’re in an office trying to concentrate or in a hospital room trying to sleep. As soon as Halio starts tinting (within 15 seconds), you’ll begin to feel the effects of the light changing.

Why should I care about uniform transitioning?

Uniform transitioning allows you to immediately enjoy the benefits of Halio smart-tinting glass. Every shade between clear and dark is usable, giving you complete control over how much light to allow in. Halio looks great in every shade.

What causes the glass to tint?

Halio is a patented multi-layered device that gets laminated onto glass. The device tints when it receives an electrical charge, and it reverts to a clear state when the voltage is reversed. The electrical charge can be automated or happen on command.

How much power does Halio consume?

Halio is a low-voltage, low-power device. It only uses electricity during transitions.

How much energy will Halio save me?

Independent studies demonstrate energy savings up to 20% with first-generation electrochromic devices. You can expect similar or better energy performance with next generation Halio smart-tinting glass.

How does Halio eliminate the need for blinds, shades, and curtains?

Shades, blinds, and curtains are designed to block glare and excessive heat caused by the sun. Motorized shades often become necessary options for hard-to-reach windows and for the sake of convenience. But curtains, shades, and blinds can be cumbersome, expensive, and they also block natural light and views.

Halio blocks light and solar heat, but not the view – for which, in all likelihood, you paid a hefty premium. Halio can also provide daytime privacy. So yes, with Halio, window treatments are optional – a decorative choice rather than a necessity.

Is Halio available in special shapes?

At this time, Halio is only available with right angles.

How much does Halio cost per square foot (or square meter)?

Conventional glass is priced by the square foot or square meter, so it’s not surprising that we get this question a lot. But Halio isn’t conventional glass. There are many factors to consider – your design goals, what type of glass is approved for your region, the level of automation and integration you need, and so on. The best thing to do is to contact us and tell us as much as possible about the project you have in mind, and we’ll promptly get back to you.

While we can’t quote specific prices, we can tell you that the cost of Halio will be competitive to conventional glass combined with automated solar shading systems.

Where can I buy Halio?

Because we only sell the glass and not the frames, we’ll work with your architect or your contractor to help you achieve your goals. Contact us so that we can connect you with a Halio representative in your area.

Can I just replace my existing windows with Halio?

Halio is not a simple retrofit. Halio requires new frames and the wiring will need to be hidden behind walls. Thus the best time to consider Halio is for a remodel or new construction.

Where can I see Halio?

Fill out the contact form, tell us where you are, and we’ll let you know the nearest installation you can see.

Is it possible to get frameless Halio?

No. Halio tints and clears to an electrical charge – there are thus wires. Frames hide the wires.