A Glimpse of the Future

Next-generation green, smart homes feature Halio and take care of the people inside.

Imagine a window that gently wakes you up every morning.

Sleep soundly in darkened rooms, and wake refreshed as you gradually greet the sun. Halio smart-tinting glass
automatically tints in tune with the rhythms of your day.

Imagine windows that know the weather - and whether to tint or not.

Protect your precious belongings and interiors from fading or bleaching. With Halio, windows and skylights can be programmed to tint based on the weather – so you always get maximum light without glare or unwanted heat.

Imagine a home that adapts to your needs.

Halio keeps you connected to the outside world, all day long, but also keeps you in control of your indoor spaces. Tint the windows to darken a room so you can sleep, watch a movie, or just to create a mood.