The World's Most
Advanced Natural
Management System

Maximize daylight and views for
brighter, happier, healthier
This is Halio.

A Glimpse of the Future

Halio smart-tinting glass gives architects and designers new opportunities to design beautiful, light-filled spaces that allow people to live and work feeling content, productive, and energized. Halio makes it easy to design modern, uncluttered spaces that maximize the benefits of natural light and views while ensuring thermal comfort and glare relief for the people inside. It’s so advanced that you can fully automate the tinting and clearing while you retain complete control.

Tints from Clear to Dark in Less than 3 Minutes

Halio starts tinting within 15 seconds to deliver glare relief and shade. Its advanced interface is fully programmable and seamlessly integrates with building management systems and cloud-based devices.

Tints Automatically or on Command

Halio smart-tinting glass tints automatically or on command to let in more natural light while ensuring all day comfort. Tinting can be automated based on local sensor or cloud-based data. Manual control options include the Halio mobile app, wall-mounted tint selectors, a desktop application, and yes – even voice assistants.

Use as a Standalone or Integrate with a Building Management or Home Automation System

Halio is compatible with the most popular building automation systems as well as with the most popular home automation systems. It is also designed to work with digital assistants and other cloud-connected devices.

Easy to Install

Once the glass is installed using tried and true installation methods, getting the system up and running is virtually automatic. No equipment or installation manuals needed – just a mobile app that takes the guesswork out of ensuring all the systems are communicating properly. The Halio app auto-configures, tests, and troubleshoots the system as it’s being installed. If you already have a home or building automation system in place, Halio becomes the “thoughtful collaborator.”

Halio or Halio Black

Maximum light or privacy – your call. There are two variants of Halio: Halio will block up to 98% of visible light, while Halio Black will block up to 99.9%. Halio Black is often used for interior applications to create confidential spaces, while Halio is ideal for maximizing light and keeping a connection to the outdoors.

Halio Just Works. Beautifully.

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