Halio is no ordinary glass.

It’s magic. It’s the future.

An advanced natural light management system.

Halio provides everything you need to fine-tune your comfort and privacy by controlling the amount of daylight that comes into a room. You can tint individual windows or a bank of them to create a unique ambience to suit your mood.

Halio is a versatile standalone system, with wall mounted controls or tablet and phone apps for remote control, automation, and fine-tuning. It also integrates easily with existing home and building automation systems.

Tints and clears right before your eyes.

Halio technology is laminated onto glass to block up to 99.9% visible light. In its clear state, Halio allows 70% visible light transmission. The amount of light transmitted is lowered when Halio gets an electrical charge that triggers a chemical reaction. Within seconds, you can literally see the electrical charge changing the amount of light that is transmitted – and in less than a minute, you’ve got shade and glare relief. Electricity is used only during tinting or clearing.

Neutral gray shades: versatile, sophisticated, and timeless.

Halio’s classic, elegant cool gray tints complement every design style and sensibility. There are no strange undertones or hues to jar the eye. Halio is also ideal for interior walls and partitions to create multi-use rooms that provide privacy on demand. Halio allows up to 50 shades of gray, but provides 7 discrete levels for quick access.


A truly green building material.

Halio can reduce energy usage by up to 20%, making it a significant contributor to a LEED certification. While its energy efficiency positively affects the environment, its ability to give us maximum light without the negative effects is what boosts occupant health and mood. 


Further, while the surest way to prevent fading and sun damage is to put your prized possessions in cold, dark rooms, Halio lets you enjoy them out in the open by providing protection against direct sunlight. Fabrics, furniture, and other interiors last longer. With Halio, you can be eco-friendly without having to think about it. 


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